call_splitSplit Ether

Network: ...

Your account: 0x...

Your balances: ... eth ... etc

Account's total sent tx: ... on eth network ... on etc network


Transactions from updated clients can no longer be replayed as ETH and ETC have implemented EIP 155 for replay protection. Refer to ETH and ETC implementation for more information. The smart contract for splitting can still be found at 0xaBbb6bEbFA05aA13e908EaA492Bd7a8343760477, created by Wilfried Kopp. ETH and ETC apis are powered by and respectively.

Transaction Replays

Unintended transaction replays between ETH and ETC networks can be problematic. A transaction in ETH can be replayed in ETC if the address has enough ETC and has the same total number of sent transactions, vice versa. Users who have both ETH and ETC should be concerned with potential transaction replay attacks and take appropriate measures. One way to mitigate this is using addresses which contain only ETH or ETC.


This split dapp enables you to move the ETH and ETC in a single address to addresses which contain only ETH and only ETC.